Walking trails

There are four main walking trails in Naracoorte Caves National Park where you can explore the above-ground world and learn more about the World Heritage features of the park.

Roof Top Loop Walk

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This walk provides universal access for people of all ages and abilities and provides an opportunity to experience the fascinating underground world of Naracoorte Caves. It is suitable for those in wheelchairs and users of mobility aids, families with prams, the visually impaired and for those guests not wishing to go into a cave. Picnic tables and seating along the walk provide the ability to take a break and relax in a natural setting.

Linking the Wonambi Fossil Centre with the Bat Observation Centre, Bat Cave and Blanche Cave, the Loop Walk has plenty of interpretive signage and the use of cave markers indicate when you are over a cave. Strategically placed viewing platforms provide a glimpse into the cave interior, or even let you witness bats flying in or out of their underground home.

See if you can spot one of the re-created mega fauna figurines along the walk giving an idea on the size of animals that roamed the area prior to extinction 45,000 years ago. You might even cross paths with some of our current native wildlife such as a kangaroo or its joey, an echidna or a possum.

World Heritage Hike

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This hike meanders from the Wonambi Fossil Centre to Victoria Fossil Cave. Signs along the way highlight the World Heritage features of the park, making it popular with school groups and those with an interest in the park's ancient history. In spring, native flowers bloom with abandon, including several varieties of native orchid.

For an easier walk, turn back when you reach the main road.

To main road only:

  • Time: 30 minutes one way
  • Distance: 1.2 km one way

Full World Heritage Hike:

  • Time: 1 hour one way
  • Distance: 2.2 km one way

Stoney Point Hike

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You’ll pass through Stringybark and Red River Gum forests on this hike between Victoria Fossil Cave and Stoney Point picnic area. Explore the remnant waterholes along Mosquito Creek and keep your eyes open for the many native animals that live here, like Western-Grey Kangaroos, echidnas and wombats.

  • Time: 1 hour return
  • Distance: 2.7 km return

Be prepared when bushwalking

  • Wear sturdy shoes, a hat and sunscreen.
  • Carry sufficient food and drinking water. Do not rely on tanks or creeks in the park for drinking water.
  • Keep to the defined walking trail.
  • Inform a responsible person of your proposed route and expected time of return.
  • Weather conditions can change quickly, make sure you have appropriate wet-weather clothing.

Trails classified as ‘moderate hikes’ are suitable for bushwalkers with an average level of fitness. They may include moderate inclines and irregular surfaces. Time is generously estimated for a walking speed of 3km per hour. Allow extra time for resting and sightseeing.