Victoria Fossil Cave

Tour times: 10.15am^, 2.15pm^

Duration: 1 hour

Concession (on presentation of valid card*)$29.00
Family (2 adults & 2 children OR 1 adult & 3 children)$87.50
School group (per student)$15.50
Adult group (per adult, pre-booked, min 10 people)$30.00
Child group (per child, pre-booked, min 10 people)$15.50

In this tour you’ll walk through magnificent speleothem chambers (e.g. stalactites, stalagmites and helectites) on the way to the Fossil Chamber. Your guide will tell you all about the accumulation of bones in the caves, excavation techniques, current research and World Heritage. You'll also get the chance to analyse complete skeletons of megafauna species.

About 400 metres of this cave has a developed pathway and constructed stairs. There are about 50 steps into the cave and a steep sloping path out of it, but the walk is relatively easy.

The talk is suitable for all ages. However with half an hour sitting in the Fossil Chamber, it may not be suitable for some energetic children.

What makes Victoria Fossil Cave so special?

In 1969, two explorers squeezed through a gap in Victoria Fossil Cave and discovered a massive chamber full of fossilised remains.

For over 200,000 years this chamber had been a pitfall trap, storing the remains of thousands of animals. Layer upon layer of remains accumulated over the years, creating a rich fossil record of the ancient animals that roamed the area.

Since then, this extraordinary fossil deposit has been a working paleontological dig – tens of thousands of fossil bones have been recovered. The fossils give us a unique window into the climate and environment of the times when these animals lived.

The Victoria Fossil Cave showcases the World Heritage features of the park. It is recognised the world over for its outstanding scientific value.

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