Bat Centre and Blanche Cave

Tour times: 11.30am^, 3.30pm^

Duration: 1 hour

Concession (on presentation of valid card*)$24.50
Family (2 adults & 2 children OR 1 adult & 3 children)$85.00
School group (per student)$15.50
Adult group (per adult, pre-booked, min 10 people)$26.50
Child group (per child, pre-booked, min 10 people)$15.50

Southern bent-wing bat

The Bat Cave in is one of only two known breeding places for the southern bent-wing bat. These bats have been breeding, feeding and hibernating here since megafauna roamed the plains. They represent a thread of history that links the distant past to the here and now, and even the future.

Blanche Cave

Discovered in 1845, this was the first cave to be found in the region. For many years the cave was a community space, used by locals for picnics, parties and to escape the summer heat. Now, Blanche Cave is World and National Heritage listed.

The Bat Tour

You’ll start at the Bat Observation Centre, where you’ll watch and learn about the fascinating activities of our resident southern bent-wing bats, a critically endangered species and be able to watch them via infrared camera. Watch as the bats move about their maternity chamber and you may be lucky enough to spot a rare albino bat.

The tour then heads into the majestic Blanche Cave. If you’re visiting Blanche Cave in winter, you’ll probably see some of our bat population hibernating in a huddle on the cave ceiling. In summer, you can watch the bats' spectacular flight from the Bat Cave at dusk as they head out for a feed of insects. If you’re an early riser, you can also see them return at dawn.

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