Which experience should you choose?

Unsure of which tour options might suit you best? The Naracoorte Caves offer both above and below ground experiences for visitors to enjoy. If you want to head underground for a unique and enlightening cave tour or are keen to try something a little more challenging - we’ve compiled the perfect guide to help you get the most out of your next visit to South Australia’s only World Heritage site.

If you have small children or limited time (or both!):

Start with Stick-Tomato Cave, an easy self-guided walk starting with about 20 steps leading down into the cave. With two chambers to explore, the cave is well lit and can be enjoyed by all ages. Opening hours: 9.00am - 5.00pm. Tickets can be combined with the Wonambi Fossil Centre.

The Wonambi Fossil Centre is a unique window into the past! With exhibitions showing how the caves acted as pitfall traps, dens and roosts for more than 500,000 years, leading to a vast accumulation of skeletal remains of reptiles, birds and mammals. The Fossil Centre recreates a time when megafauna roamed the landscape and the local animal community was more diverse than today.

Or try Alexandra Cave - this short, easy 30 minute tour is ideal for families with small children. This tour is a good introduction to caves and the geological processes that form them. Your guide will discuss the geology of the region and how the caves were formed. Tour times: 9:30am and 1:30pm

Don’t forget to visit the award winning Fossil Hunters Nature Playground while you’re here!

If you’re really interested in fossils:

Victoria Fossil Cave – the cave we’re famous for! Explore the chamber of fossils recognised by UNESCO for its outstanding scientific value. During the one hour tour you’ll walk through magnificent speleothem chambers while your guide outlines accumulation of bones in the caves, excavation techniques and current research. About 400 metres of this cave has a developed pathway and constructed stairs. There are about 50 steps into the cave and a steep sloping path out of it, but the walk is relatively easy. This tour is suitable for all ages, however please note that there is about 30 minutes of sitting in the Fossil Chamber. Tour times: 10.15am and 2.15pm

If caves make you nervous:

You can still enjoy Naracoorte Caves even if you’re not keen to head underground. Our award-winning Roof Top Loop Walk is fully accessible and provides wheelchair and pram access for people of all ages and abilities. Strategically placed viewing platforms provide a glimpse into the cave interior, or even let you witness bats flying in or out of their underground home. There is also plenty of interpretive signage along the way.

If you’re interested in meeting some of our resident cave dwellers:

Start your tour at the Bat Observation Centre, where you’ll watch and learn about the fascinating activities of our resident Southern Bent-wing Bats, a critically endangered species and be able to watch them via infrared camera. The tour then heads into the majestic Blanche Cave which is rich in both natural and European history. In summer, you can watch the bats' spectacular flight from the Bat Cave at dusk as they head out for a feed of insects. Tour times: 11.30am and 3.30pm

If you have a whole day to explore:

Everything! Explore our walking trails, visit the café and then plan your day around the following tour times:

Stick-Tomato Cave

Visit anytime between 9am – 5pm

Wonambi Fossil Centre

Visit anytime between 9am – 5pm

Alexandra Cave

9:30am or 1:30pm

Victoria Fossil Cave

10.15am or 2.15pm

Bat Tour (Bat Observation Centre and Blanche Cave)

11.30am and 3.30pm

Roof Top Loop Walk

Visit anytime between 9am – 5pm

Caves Cafe

Monday to Saturday 10am to 3pm (hot food until 2pm)

Sundays 9.30am to 3pm (hot food until 2pm)