Victoria Caves Megafauna Experience

Launched in December 2021, the Victoria Fossil Cave Megafauna Experience provides a highly immersive, memorable and accessible learning experience.

Developed in conjunction with world leading palaeontologists, this animated audio visual (AV) experience re-creates the movements and scale of some of the megafauna species who once called Naracoorte home. This visual format will captivate visitors and provides a lasting tribute to the research that has occurred to better understand Australian megafauna at the Naracoorte Caves.

Science and conservation are key – we have drawn from the experts to ensure the information presented in the AV experience is scientifically accurate. The latest cave conservation research knowledge has also been incorporated into the design of the AV system to minimise any potential impacts on the cave environment.

The fossil bed in Victoria Fossil Cave has been of significant interest to researchers and the highlight of a visit for tourists since its discovery over 50 years ago. The new audio visual experience builds upon the scientific understandings available and along with our guides creates a much more intensive learning experience for our visitors.

The Victoria Caves Megafauna Experience is just one of many different experiences at the site. You can easily spend a full day at the Naracoorte Caves enjoying multiple tours, taking a walk along a trail or enjoying a range of specially crafted meals featuring local produce at our onsite café.