Bat Cave and Blanche Cave

Bat Cave and Blanche Cave

Date posted: 11 January 2011

This exciting tour is all about bats. From August to April, you can sit in the Bat Observation Centre and watch the fascinating activities of a colony of Southern Bentwinged Bats in their maternity chambers through world-first infrared technology. Also in the summer months, you can watch the bats' spectacular exit flight at dusk. Early risers can see the re-entry at dawn.

The tour incorporates a stroll through Blanche Cave, well known for its cultural history but also an important bat wintering site. You can often see clusters of bats clinging to the ceiling in a deep torpor.

The tour involves about 400 metres of walking and about 30 steps into Blanche Cave. The Bat Observation Centre is wheelchair accessible.

Tour time: about an hour.

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