Victoria Fossil Cave

Victoria Fossil Cave

Date posted: 11 January 2011

The Victoria Fossil Cave is one of the best showcases of the World heritage values of the park.

Of the many sites at Naracoorte Caves, the Fossil Chamber in the Victoria Fossil Cave is the most extensively studied. The fossils in the chamber give us a unique window into the climate and environment of the times when these animals lived.

Our tour takes you through several decorated chambers on the way to the Fossil Chamber where time is spent discussing the accumulation of bones in the caves, excavation techniques, as well as research and World Heritage values. You'll also get the chance to analyse complete skeletons of megafauna species.

The talk is suitable for all ages but does involve up to half an hour in the Fossil Chamber, so may not be suitable for some young energetic children.

About 400 metres of this cave has a developed pathway and constructed stairs. There are about 50 steps into the cave and a steep sloping path out of it, but the walk is relatively easy.

Tour time: about an hour, including up to a half hour in the Fossil Chamber.

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